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  • 6 Unit 8, Market Place, 7 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10
  • (876) 926-6509


KLE has officially opened its head office at the Barbican Business Center where Franjam will conduct its primary operations including franchising training, research and development and marketing. The acquisition of the space allows the group to place greater emphasis on effecting a consistent application of its franchising procedures. Already, Tracks and Records Marketplace has increasingly adopted the prescribed model for individual franchises which has contributed significantly to its exceptional 2016 performance. Through this entity we are expected to open several more locations and concepts in key international markets in the foreseeable future.

The first independent concept coming out of FranJam is the Sumfest Acoustic Cafe. This is a fast casual franchise that holds the rights to 25 years of Sumfest footage that will play in each location while serving up natural eats and juices complementing the reggae atmosphere.