We recognize that entertainment is amongst the most consistently and aggressively demanded consumer products in the Jamaican economy. This makes entertainment a good foundation for a company which was set up to achieve the long term corporate goals of the principals


Forever Beach
Fran Jam
Tracks and Records


David Shirley has been appointed Chairman of KLE effective September 1st, 2016. Shirley who replaces Ambassador Audrey Marks is a founding member and director of the KLE Group and has also served in the capacity of Deputy Chairman. Shirley has had an illustrious career which spans more than a...

After months of speculation, Ambassador Audrey Marks will be leaving for Washington, DC, to take up her assignment as the island's chief envoy there come Saturday. This will be her second posting in the United States capital. Marks will hit the ground running as she seeks to execute investment...

The Jamaica Observer understands that in a debt-for-equity swap which allowed the Kingston Live Entertainment (KLE) Group to focus more resources on its two business lines – Tracks and Records in the Marketplace and the development of franchised stores – the company has given up 51 per cent...

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