We recognize that entertainment is amongst the most consistently and aggressively demanded consumer products in the Jamaican economy. This makes entertainment a good foundation for a company which was set up to achieve the long term corporate goals of the principals


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Forever Beach 2017
Forever Beach


Jamaican based franchise company FRANJAM has signed a major contract with the UK based Casual Dining Restaurants Group (CDRG) to open 15 Tracks & Records restaurants across the United Kingdom over the next five years, making it the first Jamaican owned restaurant franchise concept to open on an...

KLE Group plans to set up a pop-up restaurant at the Reggae Sumfest music festival, which kicks off today, and has future plans to franchise this new concept which will debut as Sumfest Acoustic Cafe. "We are currently looking for the first permanent location as we speak," said Gary Matalon, CEO of...

KLE Group, which franchises restaurants, beat the circuit-breaker rule to lead Wednesday's gains on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE). KLE Group increased 20.7 per cent on the day to close at $1.81. It beat the 15 per cent mark or circuit break limit due to the pent up demand for the stock in the...

David Shirley has been appointed Chairman of KLE effective September 1st, 2016. Shirley who replaces Ambassador Audrey Marks is a founding member and director of the KLE Group and has also served in the capacity of Deputy Chairman. Shirley has had an illustrious career which spans more than a...